Computer science was born with the promise of extending the human mind and potential with technology. Since my parents gave me an iMac for my sixteenth birthday, it has profoundly changed the way I observe and manipulate reality for the better. Personal computers have kept the promise and now the technology is ready to take that bold vision forward with AI. That’s why I focused my studies on it after graduating in software engineering. But what I have found is that most of the time people use it for very different purposes.

For example, the attention economy we live in requires algorithms to keep our eyes on screens. They analyze content views and replies to find out what resonates more and double down on it in our feeds regardless of its quality, truthfulness, relevance. Of course, the vast majority are exciting cases related to security, healthcare, mobility, and many other fields, but very few focus on AI as a mind-expanding technology. In some cases, we are actually trying to outperform human thinking rather than empower it.

Artificial intelligence and human intelligence ultimately solve very different classes of problems. Machines are very good at processing a huge amount of information while it’s just too overwhelming and time-consuming for us. But on the other side, we are very good at generating new original ideas and drawing meaningful connections between them. The magic happens when we combine the two.

If we do AI in a certain way, we can serve human thinking and take it to a whole new level. That’s why we are building an interface between the two worlds. Gems is a visual workspace to constantly surface and connect our ideas. We want to reach further layers of insight through technology so that learning and creation become easier and more fun.

I started my journey in computer science 10 years ago because I thought it was a viable way to turn imagination into reality. I am very glad I did. It gave me the chance to travel and work on exciting projects with extraordinary people around the world. We gave shape to our dreams multiple times through strong commitment and some copy-paste from Stack Overflow. It was worth every minute and we are ready to do it again.

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