Address research questions fast

Build products people love

Skip the prep work with AI and dive straight into interview analysis

From recordings to insights in hours minutes

AI to speed up the analysis without losing the quality


Analyze interviews

Transcript, summaries, and queries to extract key points.

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Audio to text
AI-powered affinity mapping


Develop themes

Suggested groupings to find patterns across multiple sessions.

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Report findings

Assisted content synthesis and editing to write toplines and full reports.

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Audio to text

Use Gems to

Build products people love

For UX researchers improving existing products.

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Make something people want

For startup founders looking for problems worth solving.

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Tell impactful stories

For journalists who dig deep into complex topics.

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Discover something new

For academic researchers contributing valuable knowledge to their field.

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Learn something new

For students and lifelong learners committed to personal growth.

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