Stay on top of your work visually

Stop collecting information in multiple places you never go back to.
Organize, connect, and retrieve everything in one free-form canvas.

Information overload

There is a lot of information floating around all the time

Bookmarks, highlights, and documents quickly become the digital equivalent of post-it notes spread all over the desk:

  • We don't find what we need

  • We don't see connections between ideas

  • We don't get any value from them

Manage it visually

Use Gems in any browser on laptops, tablets, and smartphones

Graph view

Think both visually and linearly with the graph and note side by side.


Quickly find notes without going back and forth between multiple apps and folders.

Analysis (Soon)

Get additional meaning and value from your notes thanks to artificial intelligence.

Your brain is incredibly good at processing images.

Your computer is incredibly good at processing vast amounts of data.

Gems combines data visualization and AI to make you more productive and creative.

For content creators

For content creators

Get new ideas and fill the blank page.

For lifelong learners

For lifelong learners

Read books and articles for understanding.

For project managers

For project managers

Keep an overview of documents and activities.



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Unlimited notes

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