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out of your

Gems makes interviews more productive with transcription that include highlights and a self-organizing whiteboard that cluster the main themes


Available from March

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Making sense of recordings is hard


Key takeaways are stuck

Information is not easily accessible, you have to re-read or re-listen the whole thing and extract the relevant parts manually.


Main themes are hidden

Once you have done it, you still have to make sense of those highlights, usually in a whiteboard or a spreadsheet.

Unlock insights with artificial intelligence

Pull out important information faster

Upload an audio file and AI transcribes and highlights the most relevant information for you


See the main themes coming out of your notes

AI groups your notes automatically so you can gain a deeper understanding and make better decisions



📌 Whiteboard

Create, edit, group, and connect colored notes. See your projects from a bird's eye view.

🔍 Search

Get to the relevant part of your knowledge base in a second.

🖋 Text Editor

Go beyond the expressive limits of traditional sticky notes with a full featured text editor.

🖼 File upload

Upload images or attach any other type of file to a note.

📥 Import

Import notes from HTML, Markdown, Microsoft Word, Google Docs, Google Keep, and Evernote. Leverage your existing content.

🔮 AI Similarity

Find semantically similar notes. See hidden patterns and connections between them faster.

📝 AI Transcript

Upload an audio file and let Gems turn speech to text for easier content access.

🗞 AI Summary

Pull out the main highlights from a wall of text in seconds.

🫧 AI Clustering

Group notes that talk about the same topic and see the main themes emerge instantly.

Available from March

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1:1 onboarding

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