Collecting information is easy.
Making it useful is not.

Gems is a visual workspace to surface and connect ideas.
Feed your side-projects, work, and personal growth without the hassle of hoarding information in multiple places you never go back to.

What's the point of collecting information?

There is a lot of information floating around all the time.

We have the constant problem to sift through what's important, what's not, what we want to uncover in the future, and how to connect all the pieces together.

Without the right system, bookmarks, highlights, and documents become the digital equivalent of post-it notes spread all over the desk: things get messy pretty quickly, we don’t go back to it and we don’t get any value from it.

Information overload

How Gems makes it useful

The permanent storage of a note-taking tool

Keep notes and connections in a single source of truth

The visual flexibility of a mind mapping tool

Develop knowledge by simultaneously working on the graph and text documents

AI to retrieve notes and spark new connections

Natural Language Processing provides the information and inspiration you need once you start forgetting what's stored

Gems screen

* Gems is a web app with a responsive UI which enables it to run in the browser on your laptop, smartphone, and tablet.

There is currently no Gems app for the App store or Google Play store.



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