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Gems enhances qualitative research with transcripts that include summaries, emotions, key sentences, and a self-organizing whiteboard that groups the main themes.


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Making sense of recordings is hard


Key points are stuck

Sifting through the recordings is a pain. Finding the relevant parts requires manual re-listening and highlighting.


Main themes are hidden

To get the real insights, you have to manually make sense of notes on a whiteboard or spreadsheet.

From recordings to actionable insights with AI

Easy content access

Transcribe audio files in seconds and make their content more accessible. Glide through the speech with both mouse and keyboard controls.

Audio transcription

Focus on what matters

Extract summaries, emotions, and key sentences from the conversation with a click. Take high-quality notes in a fraction of the time.

Side notes

Synthesize the main themes

Discover hidden gems in seconds with clustering. AI creates valuable groupings of your notes and tells you why they stand out!

Note clustering

Deeply understand your 

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Unlock hidden gems in your interviews with AI

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